Your New Zealand Perfect Wedding Location Revisited!

My previous post titled: “Dream Location for Your New Zealand Wedding?” has introduced you to the idea of having a Mt Cook wedding.
After a while though, some doubts crept in, and I felt that the whole “wedding plan” has to be verified.
Is Mt Cook as breathtaking as before? Are the colours of Lake Pukaki as enamoring as when I saw them first time?

Colours of Lake Pukaki
Colours of Lake Pukaki

Hence, my latest trip to New Zealand, in early March 2017.
Where to? Mount Cook revisited!
Starting from Christchurch, via Geraldine and Twizel.
Having a good car always helps, and you can’t beat the selection they offer in Europcar Christchurch!

Way to Travel!
Way to Travel!

I spent four night in Airbnb accommodation – better than good, but certainly not suitable for the wedding party.
For that, Hermitage is still your best option.

Hermitage As Seen From Hooker Lake Valley's Entrance
Hermitage As Seen From Hooker Lake Valley’s Entrance

Yes, it’s expensive and very crowded during my three daily visits there, the sign “No Vacancy” was proudly hanging above the entrance.
But, it is incredibly convenient – good coffee, good food, and stupendous views more than compensate for the slightly aged room decor.
And not only will you see Mt Cook from your window; the whole neigbourhood is very impressive – look at Mt Sefton with its glaciers!

Mount Sefton
Mount Sefton

In one word: SPECTACULAR!
With an important caveat: the weather. When it rains, the whole surroundings are usually totally clouded, and there’s very little to see.
However, after the veil is lifted, the magnificent Aoraki and surrounding peaks show their timeless beauty.
Your best vantage point is Hermitage. Unbeatable!

Hermitage Hotel
Hermitage Hotel – Mt Cook Village

If there’s one way to greatly increase the memories of the occasion for the newlywed and their guest, it is a walk to Hooker Lake.
All it takes is about 1 hr and 35 min. from the Kea Point (accessible by a car) one way, and the rewards are… You have to see it yourself to appreciate how close you’ll be allowed to get to Nature.
The walk, suitable for everybody of average fitness level, leads across the moraine hills, into the valley that hosts Hooker Glacier and its companion Hooker Lake.

Hooker Lake
Hooker Lake

Hooker Glacier flows from Mt Cook, and at the end of your walk you’ll be about 7 km from the peak. It feels however, like you’re standing directly under the giant.
Can you imagine, after the wedding party extremes, a better way of reinvigorating your body, then walking for 3 hrs in the presence of glorious views, with your body soothed by the gently valley wind?
OK, perhaps not the day after the party, but a day later…

Aoraki - Mount Cook
Aoraki – Mount Cook

Does it appear as a wedding idea for Nature lovers? Yes, but in the times of limitless inclusivity, nobody should feel inadequate.
Yes, Mt Cook wedding is for everyone. Young and old, will find this spectacular New Zealand location astounding and enchanting, with memories lasting forever.
Isn’t it what the dream wedding should be about?